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Our Commitment
Here at Wildcat Valley Farms we understand the value of your herd and are dedicated to producing healthy calves from your embryos. Having raised seedstock in the past, we understand what it takes to raise quality, marketable cattle. We will make every attempt to deliver a healthy, high-quality calf. We have access to and utilize several of the nations best embryologists. Success for you is success for us!

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Our Mission

Our mission for our ET program is quite simple, high conception rates and to deliver a high-quality, marketable calf at weaning that has maximized their genetic potential. The industry average for embryo transfer is 63-68%. We feel with the proper management we can increase that average by 10% through proper nutrition, vaccinations, estrous synchronization and detection, proper working and handling, and the utilization of highly trained technicians. We use quality Sim-Angus recipient cows that have been tested and are free of infectious diseases.

Healthy cows equal high conception rates, lower rates of embryonic loss during gestation, and healthy calves at weaning.

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Meet Our Team

We are fortunate to have a great team here at Wildcat Valley Farms!

Each person has their own responsibilities and works hard to see that our mission is carried out!


Carl Cox:  Owner/Operator and Patriarch

Josh Cox:  Owner/Operator

Susanne Cox: Co-Owner/Operator

Senior Herdsman: Position Available

Abbi: Assistant Herdsman

Kylie:  Junior Herdsman

Samuel: Junior Herdsman

Eli: Egg Sales (Chicken) 

Travis:  Grain Facility Manager and Mechanic

Jennifer:  Office Administrator

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Embryo Transfer Program: What's Happening
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