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Freezer Pork

How It Works

Thank you for your interest in Wildcat Valley Farms Bulk Freezer Pork.  Our goal is to provide nutrient-rich, quality proteins from our farm to your table.




Here's a helpful guide, from start to finish, on how our pork gets to your plate.


  • Select the option that best fits your needs, whole or half.  Please visit our FAQ page if you need further guidance in making your selection.

  • Call or click to order.  

  • Deposit will be taken at time of order and will ensure your purchase.  All deposits will be credited to your total purchase.   

  • Once your order has been placed, we will notify you with your processing (butcher) date.

Cutting Instructions

  • You can place you cutting instructions after you receive your processing date. The earlier it is placed the better.   

  • Your hog will be processed by This Old Farm Inc. and you may either call in or submit your cutting instructions online.  

    • Click here for This Old Farm's online pork cutting instructions.​


  • When hogs are approximately 250-300 pounds, we will take them to the processor (butcher).  We utilize This Old Farm Inc., Colfax, IN. Processing dates selection is based on availability.

  • After the hogs are weighed, we will notify you within 1-2 days with your Hot Carcass weight and total balance due, not including processing. Your remaining balance will be due immediately after notification. After we have received payment in full, we will then notify the processor that they can release your order to you for pick-up. Payment methods accepted: Cash, Check (payable to Wildcat Valley Farms), PayPal, Credit/Debit. For cash and check payments, please select "Manual Payment" at checkout.

Pickup & Payment for Processing

  • Approximately 1 week after your hog goes into the processor, it will be packaged, frozen, boxed up, and ready for pickup. ​If you have smoked cuts, you will need to pick them up the following week.  We realize making two trips to the processor isn't ideal, but it's necessary to ensure you receive the hog that you paid for. Smoked/cured meats take 12-14 days to process, making it totally worth the wait!  Orders will not be released until Wildcat Valley Farms has been paid in full for total balance due.

  • You are responsible for pickup at This Old Farm Inc. in Colfax, IN. Processing fee will be due to them upon pick up. Check with them regarding accepted forms of payment.

What to Expect

Keep in mind that the following are estimates; each hog will be different.  These are examples of options to help you make an informed decision. The benefit of ordering in bulk is that you get to decide how you have it processed.

A hog weighing 250 lbs. live, should yield 180 lbs. hot carcass weight. Approximately 144 pounds of that ends up in your freezer. Listed below is a guide on what you might expect from a whole hog. Please remember that these are just examples and your hog might yield a little differently. However, please be advised that a whole pig CANNOT be entirely bacon and chops! That's just not how a pig is designed. 

In a typical whole hog, your options include:

Fat - approximately 23 pounds

Keep none, save fat to render at home, or have them render it. Great to add back to that deer you get during hunting season!

Soup Bones-

Great for ham and beans or give to your favorite canine friend as a token of your love and devotion!

Ham - approximately 28 pounds

Smoked Ham Roasts, Smoked Ham Steaks, Smoked Combo, ​Fresh Ham Roasts,​ Fresh Ham Primal, Fresh Ham Steak, Ham Cutlets, or add to sausage.


Smoked, fresh, or add to sausage.

Jowl - approximately 3 pounds

Smoked and sliced (whole hog only), Fresh, or add to sausage.

Bacon or Fresh Side - approximately 23 Pounds

Smoked and sliced, smoked and left whole, fresh side/whole, fresh side/sliced (thick), or add it to sausage.


Spare Ribs - approximately ​6 pounds

Pork Loin - approximately 23 pounds

Bone in pork chops, sirloin roast, rib end roast, boneless pork chops, butterflied boneless pork chops, tenderized boneless loin, boneless loin roast, boneless whole loin, baby back ribs, tenderloin, or add to sausage.

Pork Shoulder - approximately 15 pounds 

Boston butt shoulder roasts​ (our personal favorite, cooked low and slow in crockpot. See recipe box for recipe), pork steak , picnic roast​, or add to sausage.

Trimmings - 9 pounds (if not using other cuts to add to sausage)

These are the bits and pieces that are made into sausage, ground pork, and pork patties. The amount that you receive will vary greatly depending on how you have your pork processed.

Please click here to visit This Old Farm's website for specifics on cutting options.



If you still have questions click here for our FAQ page.

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