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Bulk Freezer Beef

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How much freezer space do I need for a quarter, half, or whole of beef? This is based on our personal experience!

A:  Quarter  6-8 cubic feet

      Half  13-14 cubic feet

      Whole 26-28 cubic feet

Q:  How much beef do I end up with in my freezer for a quarter, half, or whole?

A:  Everything depends on how you have it processed.  Keep in mind these are general estimations, based on         a 1,200 pound live weight.

      Quarter:  110-125 pounds    

      Half:  225-250 pounds

      Whole:  450-500 pounds


Q:  What can I expect to pay?

A:   Great question!  We will use a whole as our example.  A live calf will go in weighing approximately 1,200

       lbs.  The Hot Carcass weight on that 1,200 lb. calf will be approximately 62% of its weight which totals 744          lbs.  744 lbs. multiplied by the current price per pound, $3.35 equals $2,492.40.  In addition, processing on         a whole will run between $400-$600 depending on your cutting instructions. We do not set the prices for           the  butcher so if you are wanting a more accurate estimate, please contact them directly. 

Q:  How is my total balance due calculated? Please note example below may not reflect the current pricing. Please plug in your own numbers to get an accurate estimation.

A:  Hot Carcass weight x price/pound - deposit = Total Balance Due

      Example is based on a half:  374 lbs. x $3.65 - $150 = $1215.10 (processing/butchering not included)

Q:  Why is processing not included?

A:  You pay Wildcat Valley Farms for the calf.  Processing is completed by certified facilities in our area.  You    

      are paying for their services.  We grow it, they slice it.

Q:  What does Hot Carcass weight mean?

A:  Hot Carcass weight is the hot or un-chilled weight of the carcass after slaughter and the removal of the  

      head, hide, intestinal tract, and internal organs.  


Q:  What cuts can I expect in my order?

A:   Visit This Old Farm's site for cutting details. Even if your processor is Beutler's this will still give a good idea.


Q:  How long does the meat last in the freezer?

A:  1-2 years (although I've found stragglers in the freezer four years old that were just fine).

Q: How do I place an order?

A:  Call, click, or mail.

Q: Do we ship?

A:  We do not ship quarter, halves, or whole. You will be responsible to pick up your order at local processor.

Q : What is the difference between grain and grass fed cattle?

A:  Our Grain fed cattle are fed a diet of pasture grass, hay, and corn for optimal taste and consistency.  Our

      Grass fed cattle are fed pasture grasses and hay for optimal taste and health. All of our cattle are treated           humanely, worked and handled with respect, growth hormone free, and only given antibiotics sparingly for       life saving reasons. 

If you still have questions, click here for our How It Works page.

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