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Ground Beef

Grain Fed/Finished Ground Beef-This is our traditional corn fed ground beef, the taste you have come to love! However, this is NOT your normal grocery store ground beef that has fillers, coloring, and water added (and whatever else they do to that stuff). Our beef is all natural, pure meat, no additives, no fillers... just good, clean meat! You will taste the difference!


100% Grass Fed/Finished Ground Beef-Nothing but GREENS.


Premium Whole Cow-is our all natural, pure ground beef that has been pimarily on a diet of pasture grasses and hay, foraging freely in wide open, grass-filled pastures. She has had some grain in her life, but not within the last 90 days prior to slaughter.  This ground beef contains all of the yummies, from the roasts to the filets.

Ground Beef

$8.00 Regular Price
$7.00Sale Price
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